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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kevin: Tech 2, Day -2

Team Kitty had to get up way too early. With a 6am flight out of SFO, we negotiated leaving the house around 4:15. I dropped Rob and Allison off at the reservations desk with our bags while I went and parked the car. I was surprised to find that by the time I got back, the line had moved so slow that Rob had just gotten to the front. I managed to take the super-duper expedite line and got through shortly after them. Nothing much can be said about the plane flight itself beyond that we got through it.

There was great discussion before the class on whether we needed one or two cars. In the end we decided to go with two cars. The rental company had some type of special where for a set amount, you would get a random car that had to be at least as big as a midsize. We decided to gamble and try out this deal and to our pleasant surprise we both got large minivans. Packing and arranging gear would not be a problem.

After a few comments on the humidity we threw our gear in the back (all 9 bags) of the vans and boogied on down the road to High Springs. After getting settled into the High Springs Country Inn we then went looking for Food with a capital “F”. In this case it meant looking for a BBQ joint in nearby Alchua. We finally instead settled on a restaurant that I had gone to the last time I was down after I reported they served all you can eat Hot Wings. Sadly it wasn’t the right night for the all you can eat special, so we had to just order the 40 wing plate. Our plans for a BBQ dinner quickly disappeared in the face a set of 10 medium and 30 wicked hot wings.

On the way back we stopped by Ginny Springs to get the lay of the land. Parking in the lot and walking around the back area at night was sorta spooky but we were rewarded by Rob’s eagle eye pointing out a manatee that was hanging out in the spring run.

No internet access at the country inn as their router was down. Teams Internet withdrawal state was at Orange.

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