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Monday, March 29, 2010

C1 Class Summary

Considering what an epic story this series of posts turned out to be, I felt like I had to summarize (for those of you who skimmed/skipped the other posts :P). I guess I will summarize it as follows. I am glad we did it in Florida. I now have no anxiety about going back to Florida and diving in a high flow system, and also no anxiety about diving in Mexico (although the entry into Temple of Doom sounds terrifying). If I had trained in MX, I know I would have still been really scared of diving in the flow in FL. So I guess this allowed me to get all of the anxiety out of my system in one trip.

And Oleg was a great teammate. We knew we were taking a risk when we signed up without a third teammate, but we got really lucky!

And of course, I would highly recommend David as an instructor. Even though I made up the part about the action figure.

Thanks to David, Doug, Oleg, and I guess Rob for a great class.

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