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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cave 1: Day -1: Travel

We had a pretty uninteresting journey to Florida. Unlike our T2 trip, we opted for a not-super-early flight -- the whole thing was quite civilized. We had a 2.5 hour layover at DFW, which was just enough time for lunch and a fro-yo cone. We got into JAX just before 10, and found our class buddy Oleg (previously unknown to us) by the luggage carousel with a sign, as promised. We really should have taken a picture of him with his sign, but we were clearly not thinking straight from the long flight. (Oleg's trip was 22 hours, so I don't know if ours actually qualifies as "long"). After retrieving luggage and the van, we headed to High Springs. It was a longer drive than I remembered. We got to the Country Inn around midnight, but I wasn't that tired due to the time change. I finally managed to get to sleep after 1.

The trip definitely wasn't quite as much of an epic journey as the trip to Florida for T2 was. I guess it's because it was just the two of us, whereas traveling with all of Team Kitty was just more of an adventure. It was like the pilgrimage to Mecca. Plus since we had a really early flight for T2, Kevin stayed over at our house the night before so it was like a slumber party! This travel day was also not nearly as well documented from a photographic standpoint as our T2 travel, hence the lack of pictures :P

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