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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Florida Cave Diving Extravaganza

Since I finagled a trip to Mexico for my birthday (which has not yet happened), Rob decided we should go to Florida for his birthday. Never mind that it's heinously hot and humid in Florida at the end of July :) So of course we had to share the joy of stinky drysuit undergarments with our friends, so we enlisted Kevin, Don, and Elissa to join us. We flew into Jacksonville on a Wednesday night redeye, and then drove down to High Springs on Thursday. We stayed in High Springs (at Diver's Den Cottage) for the first 3 days, diving Thursday afternoon, Friday, and Saturday in the area. Then on Sunday morning, we drove up to Marianna (we stayed at Hole in the Wall house) for a day and a half of diving on Merritt's Mill Pond. Tuesday we flew back home :(

Here are the day-by-day reports:

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