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Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4 Recreational Boat

We had a recreational boat on July. I dove with Rob and Kevin. I didn't post a report for a while, because I was waiting for pictures from Rob and/or Clinton. But apparently neither of them "got anything", whatever that means ;) But I did want to write a quick report, so that the dive wasn't lost in the annals of dive history. Since Bunny Kenn was the only one man enough to post anything from the trip, I have included his video here (I wasn't diving with him, though I do make a cameo appearance in the video). Conditions were not exactly what you would call wonderful, but we did make it down to Outer Butterfly House. Once in the water, conditions were still not wonderful -- it was bright blue but pretty chunky in some spots, and in other spots it was just green (which I think you can see in the video). I had a couple of good slug finds, including a Dirona. Nothing terribly unusual though. Clinton found a wolf eel, which was cool. Those were the most notable events of the dive.

When we got back on board, it was damn sporty. So we hid in the bay for the second dive. We ended up at Eric's Pinnacle, which Rob has never been to. Viz was likewise not wonderful, and it was especially murky on top. We meandered around the base, and explored off into the sand a bit. Out in the sand, we saw a small octopus and a bunch of squid eggs. Back on the structure, we found one spot that was teeming with Hermissendas. There seemed to be some decent rockfish, but they were mostly at the top of the pinnacle, where the viz was terrible. We did see a couple of treefish (or maybe the same one twice?) which I remember seeing the last time I was at Eric's too.

After the boat, we went to Sue and Beto's for a post-dive BBQ, which made up for the crappy diving.

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