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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10 Days in Florida

I finally managed to finish posting the reports from our trip to Florida in March, for Ted's Cave 2 class.  It was a great trip.  Going for a longer trip is totally the way to go, way better than all these 4 or 5 day trips we always take!

I figured I should post something at the top of the blog, since I posted out of order.  Here's the list of the posts from the trip, including the intro:

Ted's Cave 2 Adventure
Ginnie Shakeout Dive
Little River: the last room?
Ginnie Springs: Main Land
Eagle's Nest, Upstream
Peacock Tour
Eagle's Nest, Upstream-er
Corrupting Ted at Ginnie
Double Domes
Ice Room-ward

Rob is really bothered by the idea of posting out of order.  Apparently it violates the rules of civilized blogging.  Tonight he told me "You know what happens when you post out of order?  Every time you post out of order... a kitten dies."  Then, after I posted my my recent post (from last weekend), he made a little impression of a kitty conking out, mid-meow.  And went on to describe the kitten -- it was grey.  And he calls me a crazy cat lady?  Hmmm.

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