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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Philippines 2012

Rob and I recently spent a week in the Philippines, diving near Puerto Galera.  We stayed at Atlantis Dive Resort, and did most of our diving there, plus a couple of days of tech diving with Tech Asia, the local GUE-friendly tech shop.  I am going to do this report a little bit differently, with some summary entries and shorter (in theory anyway :P) daily entries.

Getting There
Atlantis Resort
Dive Operations
Day 1: Local diving with Atlantis
Day 2: Two dives with Tech Asia
Day 3: Some more tech diving
Day 4: Verde Island Day Trip
Day 5: A little of this, a little of that
Day 6: Macro Day!
Getting Home

We had an awesome time.  The macro critters there are unbelievably cool; we saw 30-some different species of nudibranchs (and Rob got pictures of nearly all of them).  There is only so much room for pictures in the report, so check out the rest of Rob's pictures in the BAUE gallery:

Philippines 2012

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