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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fiji 2016: Heading home

Fishy feast
Our flight home was not until late in the evening, so we had most of the day before catching the 4pm ferry back. Unfortunately we had to be out of our room at 10am, but they gave us a room in the afternoon to shower before we headed out.  So we didn't have much planned for the day, which made it a good time to take advantage of the champagne at the breakfast buffet :P  After breakfast, I convinced Rob to go paddle boarding.  For some reason, Rob thinks that paddle boarding is really dumb.  I don't know where he got this idea, but I've wanted to try it, and kept telling him we should try it in Fiji (so if I fell in the water, it would at least be nice and warm), and he kept poopoo-ing that idea.  I brought it up several times during our stay and he always sneered.  But he finally agreed to go paddle boarding.  We paddled around for a little while, and eventually I got bored, so headed in and abandoned our boards.  Paddle boarding was fine, but kayaking seems a lot more appealing to me :P

After that, we played in the water a bit more, went for a little swim in the ocean, and then went for a swim in the pool (which was the first time we actually went to the pool all week).  We hung around at the pool for a while, until it was time for lunch.  For lunch, we were served the tuna that we caught the afternoon before!  They served it three ways -- a big pile of sashimi, seared, and fried (fish n chips style).  It was all tasty, but the sashimi was my favorite!

We hung out in the lounge and read and used the internet for a while, before getting a room to shower before leaving.  The room that they gave us was a regular room, which didn't have a separate living room, but was still quite big and super nice, and had its own pool too.

View from the ferry
After some coffee and singing, we headed down to to beach to get on the tender to meet the ferry.  It was quite choppy on the ferry ride back... it was an impressively sporty ride, considering how big the boat was.  It was only choppy for the first 1/3 of the ride, and then it flattened out.  When we got back to Denarau, we took a cab to the airport, where we waited for our flight in the lounge.  I came up with a great plan for exactly when to sleep to minimize the jet-lag, which I promptly ignored when I got on the plane, found that I was too bored/sleepy to stay up as long as I'd planned, and slept too long.  But it was a good flight, except that it ended in LA :P

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