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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fiji 2016

After a long dry spell of not going on any sort of real vacation, we finally managed to organize a vacation this summer.  We had a few places on the short list, and in the end, Fiji had the right combination of a place we wanted to go, that wasn't too hard to organize on relatively short notice, and was the right time of year (or rather, was not the wrong time of year, like some of the other options), and unlikely to be affected by El Nino.

After our previous trip to Fiji, I was sure that I wanted to go on a liveabord this time around, and after reading about the various options, the Nai'a seemed like the only one to go on.  It was fantastic, and I'd love to go on the boat again.  One interesting bit of advice though is to figure out where the boat goes on its various itineraries.  We really, really wanted to go back to Somosomo, and it turns out that on the 7 day itinerary they don't usually go there -- but we got lucky!  I still love Somosomo, and think it's my favorite spot that we've been to, so if I went back to Fiji, I might do a week(-ish) land-based in Somosomo and a week on the Nai'a :)

I also wanted a little time to recover after a week of diving, so we spend 3 days at Tokoriki Island Resort.  It's close enough to Nadi to do such a short trip, but a bit more remote than the main island.

And now, the play by play:

Fiji 2016: Getting to Fiji
Fiji 2016: Nai'a Day 1: Leaving Lautoka Wharf

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