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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cordell Bank 2016!

In 2015, we never made it to Cordell, despite having a 4 week window during which we could move the boat.  There were never more than 2 consecutive days in the forecast that had good enough weather to move the boat and/or dive.  Given the weather that we'd had so far this year, we were not too optimistic about the 2016 trip.  We had a 3 week window this year, and finally two weeks into it, there was a 4-day window of very good forecasts.  Despite some fog on the first day, we managed to get in 2 great days of diving, with some of the best visibility we've seen there, and one amazing afternoon of whale watching too!  This year, for various reasons, the roster changed a little bit.  We had one new-to-Cordell diver joining us (Doug, an excellent addition, who thoroughly enjoyed the trip!), and Jim took a really big one for the team and crewed the boat instead of diving.  So in the end, we had Team Kitty Classic (Kevin, Rob, and I) and John, Clinton and Doug (still looking for a team name for those guys...).

More details in the day-by-day reports:
Day 1: Northern East Ridge
Thanks to Rob, Jim, and Clinton for doing most of the heavy lifting on the planning.  And as always, extra big thanks to the crew of the Escapade (Jared, Hunter, and especially Jim)!

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