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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Bermuda: Getting Around & Non-Diving Things To Do

I put these two topics together because we got a scooter to get around, and I think that scootering around the island is a thing to do on its own. It was pretty fun, though sort of terrifying. We shared a scooter and Rob drove. I went through my usual stages of exciting activities. Stage 1 Terror. Stage 2 still terrified but I can see how someone might find this fun. Stage 3 sort of having fun. I think riding on the back of a scooter with Rob was some kind of marital trust exercise. But I was more confident in his ability to not kill us than my own. We drove all over the island for several days and I don't think anything too scary happened.

Owl, right up in our faces
 Other than the scooter, our friends Shannon and Ivan used the bus to get around (it runs the length of the island and costs $5 I think) and they found that quite convenient. We also took the free (to hotel guests at least) ferry to Hamilton on day. It was a fun ride but certainly not the most efficient way to get to Hamilton. Hamilton itself was not too exciting, but probably worth visiting at least once.

We did a few noteworthy activities other than diving.

Crystal caves
  • Scootering around the island. Man we went everywhere, even more than we intended. We quite frequently missed turns and had to pull over to check google maps. :). One day we scootered up to the Royal Naval Dockyard. Another day we went down to Harrington Sound. Etc. 
  • Aquarium/zoo/museum. We sort of happened upon this on our first day scootering the island. For one price you get admission to all three. So we checked out the aquarium (quite small) and zoo (impressive for a small island). The zoo had sections for different areas of the world and had some outdoor exhibits where you walk on a path through an area with the animals and they are out in the open with you. Pretty neat. There were some really weird animals I've never seem before, like the cat-bear
  • Crystal caves. There are two caves located in the same area, which you can visit as part of a tour. We toured both. For one of the caves, it was just us and the tour guide. For the other, there was one other person. So we got to wander around at our own pace. I have never seen caves like this above water, so this was pretty cool. 
  • Rob demonstrates proper boat handling
  • Boating. On two days, we rented a whaler and drove around the island. This was definitely one of the most fun things we did. We fed fish at the shipwreck sticking out of the water, landed on some abandoned beaches and hung out there, and checked out quite a bit of the coast.

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