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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Bermuda: Places to Eat

Drinks at Henry VIII
We spent a fair amount of time wondering where to eat when we were in Bermuda, so I thought I'd do a quick brain dump on the restaurants that we ended up going to. We were staying at the Fairmont, so most of these are reasonably close to there (Southampton and nearby).

Henry VIII - we went here twice, once for dinner with friends and once as part of an event (which we were double booked for, so just had drinks). They have sushi (in addition to the regular menu) which seems odd, but Rob and Ivan got sushi and liked it. I had steamed clams which were tasty. Decent reasonably casual restaurant with good drinks.

Boundary (sports bar at the Fairmont) - we ate here twice as well, the first night when we arrived because it was the only/easiest place open at that hour. And the second time after a cocktails and hors d'oeuvres event that wasn't quite enough for dinner. Good casual place to eat, have drinks, and hang out (we played board games the second time we were there). I really liked the cornbread :)

Generosa's -- went here for lunch one day. We were a bit confused if it was a food truck or restaurant based on the internet info about it. It's a food truck that is semi-permanently located outside of a mini golf place, which has a seating area. Good place for lunch. We scootered there but Shannon and Ivan took the bus, which they said was convenient.

Paraquet -- diner type place with all day breakfast and other stuff (sandwiches, burgers).  Very short scooter ride from the hotel. The perfect post-dive kind of food in my book (kind of like Del Monte Cafe). My only complaint is that my omelette didn't have cheese in it. User error I'm sure, but still... that's just wrong!

D&C Grill. This was a very local place that I was a bit skeptical about when Rob proposed it :). We got jerk chicken and goat curry to share. OMG, the goat curry was awesome!!

View at the Ocean Club
Ocean Club. We went here one night because we figured we should go somewhere fancy at least one night. We could only get an early table (6, I think) which worked out well in terms of the view and sunset. In fact I'm glad we couldn't get a time we wanted because we would have ended up with most of dinner in the dark, with no view. Everything was good but this is (not surprisingly) a place to go for the view/ambiance.

Harbourfront Restaurant. Went here for a team event one night. We were seated outside on the patio. Had a nice view of all of the boats on mooring balls, which was fun. We got an enormous plate (plates, really) of sushi to start, which was fantastic.  Maybe more fantastic than the entrees (though someone got risotto, which was a hit). Overall it was a great spot for this kind of event and the food was yummy.

Drinks at the Dock (without me!)
The Dock at the Waterlot. This is one place that I wanted to go for a drink, because it looked nice (we saw it when we took the ferry from this dock into Hamilton). We never ended up having time on the nights it is open (which is Thursday through Sunday or something like that). But Rob ended up being diverted to Europe "on the way" home so he stayed an extra night in Bermuda, and managed to go. He said it was good and sent me a picture that made me super jealous! He claimed he was terribly bored being there without me (what a sweet-talker).

Ice cream shoppes

I usually try to eat ice cream everyday on vacation (when in places where there are ice cream shoppes, like Tulum). I didn't quite succeed there on this trip, but we did have ice cream from three different shoppes, all quite good:

  • Alex & Pete's Artisan Ice Cream (at the royal dock yard). We scooted up here one day (discussed elsewhere) and stopped for ice cream cones while we wondered around.  
  • Scoops. This was near the hotel and seemed like the closest thing to a local ice cream place. There's a little outdoor seating area next to it. 
  • Bailey's Bay Ice Cream.  This is right next to the caves. This place had outrageously many flavors to choose from, which was awesome.

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