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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Granite Point and Skills

I never got around to writing a report for this dive, but I had the template for it sitting in my unpublished posts. I decided it was time to cleanup, so I either had to publish these unpublished posts or delete them. Since I am philosophically opposed to deleting data, I guess I will have to write a report. After the first half of our T2, we had a little homework to do. First and foremost, we wanted to practice some bottle rotations with our "home" tanks. We also wanted to practice shooting the big bags on a reel. And I wanted to run a little line. We planned to do a fun dive (scootering out to Granite Point), and then on the way in, we would stop in about 70' of water beyond the sand channel and do some practice ascents with all of the bottle moves.

It was a little bit murky over the sand, but conditions were pretty good at Granite Point. Rob and Kevin left me in their dust on the way out to Granite Point, which totally annoyed me. Once we were out there, it was pretty much the usual Granite Point run (sans camera). On the way back over to Middle Reef, we left Kevin in the dust and lost him. We finally reunited after a couple minutes of searching. I think Kevin was a bit annoyed about that. Then the skills practice didn't go as well as Rob wanted, and I aborted early because I really had to pee. So Rob was ticked off. So in the end, everyone was pissed off at everyone. Actually I was just pissed off at Rob :) Everyone was in such a bad mood that we adjourned for day without getting lunch and headed home. But around Gilroy, we passed Kevin on the highway and agreed to get off at the next exit for some lunch. We had lunch at that chain-ish BBQ place at the 152 exit in Gilroy. It was pretty sub-par BBQ, but everyone made up and all was well in the land of kitties.

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