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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oreo and Pepper Pics

By popular demand (by Jeff), here are some pictures showing what Pepper and Oreo have been up to lately. It's pretty much the usual hijinks. Now that it's warm out, they spend a lot of time laying in front of the patio door, enjoying the sun and birds.

Pepper scowls at the idea of having her picture taken.
But Oreo can lounge on her cat tree and pose for a picture all at the same time:

Oreo has also become quite the water conservationist lately. I think the plight of the salmon has really touched her. She hates seeing a spent glass of water go to waste. She looks:

She goes in for the kill:
She enjoys the spoils of victory:
Pepper has become quite the craft-oholic. Here she inspects a bag I made for Adrienne:
And she christens a quilt with her butt-print:

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