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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tech 2, Part 2

This past weekend, we finished up our GUE Tech 2 class. We had the boat for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but only had 2 days left of the class. So the plan was to do one experience dive each of the first two days, and then a fun post-class dive on Saturday. Leading up to the class days, the swell forecast was looking marginal to okay, so we weren't sure where we'd end up for our experience dives. But we were shooting for D3 on the first day and Deep E3 on the second day.

Day 4 Report
Day 5 Report Post-Class Dive

In case you missed the reports from the first half of the class, they can be found here:

T2, Part 1 Report

And check out all of the pictures here.

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