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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Anilao 2018: Day 7

The last day of the trip.  Boohoo.  We did some pretty exciting dives today.  First we went to Red Rock, which is around the corner to the left of the resort, but much further than we'd been before, all the way back to Mabini town.  The site consisted of a nice pinnacle from around 20' to 60' that was very big around.  We didn't spend that much time on the pinnacle; most of our time was on the rubble at the bottom all around it.  I found what was one of my most exciting finds of the trip -- two tiny white Okenias!  I'm pretty sure they were Okenia brunneomaculata.  I couldn't believe it when I saw them.  To the naked eye, they looked like tiny Okenia felis, but with really skinny processes.  While we were having our fun with the Okenias, Pascal and Corina found a flamboyant cuttlefish.  I was sad to have missed it, but I think the tradeoff was worth it :P

We hung out on the boat for our surface interval and then went to another site near town for a muck dive.  It was pretty mucky.  The viz was quite bad and we didn't really see a whole lot, but we had a nice interaction with a (non-flamboyant) cuttlefish.

In the afternoon, there was horrible wind on our side of the channel, so we went over to Maricaban Island, where the wind was remarkably not horrible.  I neglected to take notes about this dive or the night dive, so once again, you just get pictures :)

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