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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Anilao 2018

After much waffling about where to go for vacation this year, we landed on Anilao for a few reasons.  First, we wanted to go somewhere that had really good macro subjects.  Second, we wanted to go somewhere that was not ridiculously annoying to get to.  Rob had to be in Hong Kong for work in July, so we decided to go somewhere that we could get to easily from there, so that we could meet in Hong Kong and hang out there for a few days.

Anilao was a lot of fun, and they really do have great macro life.  We stayed at Buceo Anilao, which is definitely not a luxurious place, but it is a nice place to go if you just want to dive, sit by the pool, sit on your balcony looking at the ocean, eat, drink, etc.  Our dive guide, Elmer, was excellent at finding cool critters, but otherwise left us alone.  I would definitely go back to Anilao (and stay at Buceo Anilao), but I would probably go back at a different time of year, since the viz is supposed to be better in the winter, and apparently that's the best time to look for rhinopias.

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