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Monday, August 6, 2018

Anilao 2018: Trip Home

Tasty food at the lounge
 On our last day in Anilao, I went to the spa for a massage in the morning.  It was fine, but nothing amazing.  It was all the way at the top of the hill that the resort is on, so there's a nice view from there.  Our flight was not until the evening, so we left after lunch.  On the way back, we took the opposite way around the little peninsula that is Anilao.  Once we got to Batangas, it seemed like we were in traffic forever.  I guess it was rush hour :P  Even
tually we made it to the other side of Batangas and then the trip to Manila was pretty speedy.

When we checked in, I was confused by our seat assignments, because I had changed them recently so we were seated together, and they seemed to have changed again.  Then we eventually realized we had been silently upgraded to business class.  W
oot!  We headed through security and made our way to the lounge.  The last time we flew out of Manila, the lounge was pretty crappy.  There's a new (as of a few years ago) Cathay Pacific lounge in Manila now, and it is roughly a billion times better than the old lounge.  We got some food at the noodle bar, and then still had a lot of time to pass because we got to the airport so early.  While we were waiting, they called us to tell us we had been upgraded to business class for the Hong Kong to SFO leg too.  Double woot!  So the flight ended up being not as terrible as it could have been, and roughly 16 hours later, we finally made it home and were reunited with the kitty cats :P

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